Tips for Keeping an Organised Garage

For many people, garages are like junk drawers. They are not just a home for your vehicles, but a place to store unsightly or bulky items that you’d rather not keep elsewhere. They are an opportunity to embrace an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to organisation.


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; Garages can be a great means of storage. But what happens when your garage itself isn’t organised?


The good news is that this common problem can be solved with just a few simple organisation tips and techniques.


  • Install wall mounts– Mounting large, flat items on the wall is a great way to keep them from cluttering up your garage floor. You can even hang heavy items like building materials and bikes if you use heavy duty mounts. There are various types of bar and hook mounts available to meet your needs.


  • Hang magnetic strips– For smaller, metal items, a strong magnetic strip is a beneficial systemisation method. It is essentially just a long magnet that can hold any of your wrenches, screwdrivers, scissors or other similar items.


  • Use a pegboard wall– These perforated boards can be placed over your normal garage wall and used to hang your tools. For an even tidier setup, trace an outline around each tool so you always know where they belong.


  • Take advantage of shelf storage– Stackable shelves allow for the efficient use of space in your garage. There are different shelving methods, whether you buy premade freestanding shelves, hang shelves on the wall, or use a DIY method such as stacking milk crates or bins.


  • Hang things from the ceiling– It can be useful to hang bulky items from the ceiling of your garage using standard or chain hooks. Goods that you don’t use and need to access very often are the ideal subject for this storage method.


  • Store items vertically– There are certain things like bikes that will always take up quite a bit of room, but take less when stored on their side. Hanging items vertically on the wall or stacking them vertically against it are both beneficial ways to improve the arrangement of your garage.


  • Add a loft– If you have the leeway and the drive, a small loft addition to your garage can be an advantageous alternative to crawl spaces or sheds. They are relatively easy to build either on your own or with professional help.


  • Utilise multipurpose fixtures– The best way to maximise your garage is by harnessing the power of products that allow you to do so. We’re talking fold-away tables, benches that double as storage units, rollable tool holders, and the like.


  • Create a workbench– It may not necessarily increase your free space, but a designated workbench can help keep you organised. Compact benches are optimal. We also recommend any that roll and have storage.


  • Paint your floor– A painted garage floor is a floor that is easier to clean. It may also make dirt and debris more evident, increasing the likelihood that you clean any relevant mess in the first place.


  • Consolidate odds and end– If you have several open cans of the same white paint or various bags or loose wood chips, consolidate them and dispose of the excess packaging that’s taking up your precious room.


  • Store like items together– Similarly, items that are not exactly the same but within the same family should we kept near each other. This way, you always know what part of your garage houses which types of items when you go to look for something.


If you are in desperate need of an organised garage, these tips will help. It doesn’t matter how many cars you have or how much you have to store within that space, as long as you employ the right organisation tactics.


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