Technical Specifications

Roller Doors 

rollerRoller doors are usually installed behind the door opening, In most instances, timber jambs are necessary and the door is fixed directly to the brickwork.

There should be sifficient room or clearance on each side behind the opening to house the support brackets and track guides with good working clearance.

In most cases, approximately 400mm of head room is required to accomodate the rolled-up curtain. When the door is in the fully opened position, the opening height is normally reduced by approximately 70mm.

A Roller Door can be installed where there is less than the headroom mentioned above, under certain circumstances. In some cases, the door can be installed with the curtain extendeing down into the opening space, when the headroom is very low a false head or deeper lintel can be installed to improve the appearance of the door.

Tilt Doors

This illustration shows the opening and closing of the Jamb and Track type fitting for Tilt operation doors. When fixed to the Jamb type fitting, the door projects outside the garage door opening when in the open position. This provides a handy canopy outside the garage area. Other advantages of the Jamb fitting include, low overhead clearance, as little as 65mm above doorway is needed for installation and no ceiling fixing is required as the hardware is secured to the door Jambs only.

When Track type hardware is fitted, the door retracts fully into the garage when open. This fitting is weather sealed along the door Jambs and is recommended for wide heavy doors or where a full perimeter seal is required. Track type hardware requires a head clearance as little as 70mm above the doorway.

Raised Moulding Selection for Ply Timber Tilt Doors

These are just some panel designs available. Ask your Dandenong Garage Doors Sales Representative for more ideas, or design your own.

Sectional Doors

Sectional Garage Door Operation

Optimum operational results are achieved in sectional doors using standard headroom equipment. Low Headroom equipment can be used under special circumstances for sectional doors where the head room is between 250mm and 150mm. This may occur where there is insufficient headroom, when there is overhead interference such as plumbing fixtures or when maximum opening height is required within the building.


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