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Garage Doors Melbourne - Our Range

Custom Doors

The range of Dandenong Custom Doors can be made to fit any specification, manufactured and installed to meet the exact needs of your property. Customisable by means of style, colour and finish, these doors are the easiest way for homeowners to get exactly what they’re after. With finishes available in ColorBond, timber, powdercoat and metallic, as well as being applicable to roller, sectional and tilt panel lift doors, the possibilities are endless. If there is a specification that needs to be met, or a stylistic vision, then the customisable range of garage doors is the perfect option for you.

Roller Doors

The simple mechanics of a roller door make them the easiest to use, the most convenient and the most efficient. Easily customisable with a range of Colorbond colours or a natural looking timber finish, motorised roller doors make your home safe and secure, coming equipped with either hand-held remotes, or internal/external keypads for ease of access. Browse our gallery for a roller garage door installation to suit your needs and style.

Sectional Garage Doors

Opening in segments, sectional garage doors offer crisp and clean transitions from open to close, with smooth operation. Once retracted, sectional garage doors fit into minimal headspace within the garage itself – where roller doors use 500mm of space, sectional doors can fit within 250mm of space, making them ideal for homeowners with limited headroom. Available for customisation in finishes from the ColorBond range to timber-style doors, to varieties with powder coat or metallic finishes, sectional garage doors also have a central operating system motorised (as an option) by high cycle motors, allowing them to integrate with home fire systems in case of emergencies.

Tilt Doors

Tilt Doors are an option for those who are looking for a garage door that sits flush against the building, allowing the main house to fit seamlessly in with the garage door itself. Featuring options that have standard spring hinges, capable of carrying 175kg, including the frame, as well as heavy duty options capable of lifting 250kg, all Tilt doors can be motorised and customised, with finishes ranging from natural timber to stock Colourbond colours – the choice lies with you. Tilt Doors can also be manufactured with counterweights to balance heavy cladding, or as a frame only for the builder/home owner to clad themselves.

Timber Look Garage Doors

With the ability to be finished in a wide range of grains, colours and finishes, the Timber Look Garage Doors are a highly customisable option for your home, with each panelling section available for modification and adjustment. The Timber Look Garage Doors are part of the sectional garage door range, with the separate panels that move individually as the door opens and closes. Operating with a motor they can be adapted to fit within a security system, preparing you for emergencies.