Six Signs You Need a New Garage Door

Garage doors play a crucial part in your home, from their aesthetic qualities to functionality.


They are used several times a day to get in and out of your garage, which is why it is so crucial that your garage door has the right safety features and specifications to suit a technologically advanced modern age home.


From choosing a design, to installation, Garage Doors Melbourne works with their customers throughout the whole process of choosing a new garage door, because they understand the importance of this feature in your property.

Compiled below are six signs indicating that you might need a new garage door, to ensure your doors functionality, aesthetic qualities and safety features are up to date.

#1 Outdated Design

Your garage door is a feature of the exterior of your home that cannot be missed, so making sure it aesthetically fits the style of your home is important. Dandenong Garage Doors have a wide range of garage doors available and also offer a  ‘Custom Garage Door’ service, where they design and make the garage door to your individual specifications. Choosing a highly functional and technologically advanced design also has additional benefits such as increasing the value of your property.

#2 Lack of Safety Features

The more modern and advanced your garage door is, the safer it is. If you live a busy lifestyle and are constantly opening and closing your garage door, and especially if you have children, it is important to consider the safety features of your current door. Built-in safety features can reduce physical injuries with add-ons like sensors, and additionally keep your garage insulated with the help of weather strips and sealing joints all year round.

#3 Persistent Noise

There is nothing worse than your garage door making a screeching sound every time you open or close it, which gets more and more frustrating over time. This is usually a big sign indicating that your garage door is either outdated or is no longer working properly. If you are frequently calling a professional to fix this problem, you may want to consider purchasing a new door, as it could be financially more beneficial for you in the long run. More often than not, this noise comes from the spring, opener bracket or the opener being damaged, so it is advisable to look into purchasing another door for your property, such as a highly efficient and durable Roller Door.

#4 Frequent Breakdowns

If buttons are no longer responsive on your remote, your door is often comes off the tracks or your is prone to breaking down and not opening or closing, then you should definitely consider investing in a new garage door. This is a particular nuisance if you have groceries in the car or need to get the kids to school in the morning, negatively impacting the course of your day. As opposed to getting this repaired numerous times, it is often more cost effective to simply purchase a new garage door.

#5 Slower Response Times

Slow response times are another indicator that suggests it is time for you to replace your garage door. If you need to wait more than 2 seconds for your garage door to be respond to your input,  and open or close, then your door is possibly faulty. This sort of problem will get worse over time. Replacing your outgoing door is one of the only ways to correct this issue.


If you are experiencing one or more of these issues, then it is strongly advisable that you look into purchasing a new garage door. The team at Dandenong Garage Doors are renowned for their quality products and installation, guaranteeing you a new garage door that will increase the value of your property.