Bump Up Your Home's Visual Appeal with a New Garage Door

Front-facing garage doors often form the first impression of your home to guests. They are not only a functional element of your residence, but an aesthetic one as well. Considering garage’s make up such a large proportion of most homes (especially if you have a multi car garage or multiple separate garage doors), it’s important to consider their appearance just as much as you would think about any other part of your house.


While a worn, unkempt or damaged garage door can immediately give people a bad impression of your home, a nice and new one can do the opposite– improving the overall perception of your space. It’s essentially a feature piece of the home; why wouldn’t you want to make sure it’s top notch?


There are many aspects of garage doors that contribute to their appearance, including these elements:


- Colour

- Texture

- Material

- Technical Features

- Additional Design Features like Windows and Detailing


At Dandenong Garage Doors, we know the importance of a high quality garage door for your residence. The doors we have on offer are a guaranteed way to boost your home’s property value as well as its general appeal. That being said, certain types of doors are better suited for certain situations and needs than others. We have many on offer for residents of Dandenong, Melbourne and surrounding areas. Trust us to help you determine which garage door is best for you.


The following are some of the most popular garage door varieties we sell and install at Dandenong Garage Doors:


- Roller Doors: Roller doors are commonly sought after because they are so convenient. They can be opened easily with the touch of a button and are made from durable Colorbond finishing available in an array of colours. Rather than sliding along the ceiling of your garage, these doors roll up near the entrance.


- Sectional Doors: These doors are similar to roller doors, yet slightly more secure. They come in steel, aluminium or timber to suit the general design and colour scheme of your home. Unlike roller doors, they take up less room because they lay flat along your garage ceiling.


- Tilt Doors: Tilt doors are not as common as roller or sectional doors because they open outwards and therefore are considered less functional. That being said, they are also much more customisable. Tilt doors can contain windows and custom finishing options not available on other doors.


- Timber Look Garage Doors: Our timber style doors are warm and natural alternatives to more modern looking materials. Timber doors look charming, seamless and are a great way to disguise your garage door and make it blend it with the surrounding environment.


- Custom Garage Doors: We offer several other personalised garage door options that can be made to match your home and fuse different features that we have available. Some doors open out while others open up. Some require more space within the garage to store mechanical elements and others take up very little room for ultimate maximisation of your space.


Each type of standard or custom garage door is very different in both its appearance and ideal use, so we recommend that you do some research or seek advice from our staff before deciding on which door to choose.


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