Top Garage Door Designs of 2018

At Dandenong Garage doors, we have a large selection of garage door varieties available, including roller doors, sectional doors, tilt doors and many more. Each of these options comes in a range of colour, texture, material and finishing options for ultimate customisation.


While it’s easy to settle for the standard design options when picking your garage door from us, it’s much more appealing to mix and match these elements for a fully personalised door. Customised doors are increasing in popularity in 2018, with certain options standing out from the rest.


These features in particular are design trends that we believe to be on the rise this year and hopefully many years to come. Each one is unique and innovative, yet classic enough to hold up despite any changes in current fads. Have a look at these top designs of 2018 to help inspire your next garage door!


Louvred Doors: If you like the look of plantation shutters, you will love our louvred garage doors. They come complete with acrylic inserts available in a variety of sizes and colours. These sorts of doors are nice because, like shutters, they allow additional light through your door while still providing adequate privacy.



Barn-Style Doors: For home owners who prefer a rustic look for their property, wooden barn doors are a great option. Our barn doors are made from authentic and high-quality Australian wood. They have all the visual appeal of a real barn door, but the functionality of a modern garage door. They work within both urban, rural and suburban settings and can be made in tilt and sectional varieties.



Multi-Medium Sectionals: By “multi-medium”, we mean garage doors that are composed of different materials within the same structure. Some popular combinations are aluminium with acrylic, cedar or polycarbonate inserts. That being said, we’re happy to work with you to develop some other custom combination that you love!



Metallic Coating: Dark metallics like copper, ash grey or bronze are all the rage this year. They look great on any interior or exterior home accent, including your garage door. They are also quite easy to clean and maintain a good appearance despite wear. We have a range of metallic stains and finishes available to give your custom garage door an extra boost



Geometric Designs: These days, garage doors come with many more options than just standard slats or rectangular sections. They can feature cross hatching, unique patterns, raised textures, asymmetrical window panes or seams, and much more. Simply inform us of what window, panel or embellishment design you would like to see on your doors and we will help create something that suits your needs.



Non-Intended Uses for Your Doors: At the moment, some people are really loving the idea of using their garage doors within their homes rather than outside them. Instead of the doors being used in a typical fashion, they are featured as large windows or bay doors within living rooms, kitchens and other areas of the home.



Each of the designs listed above are ones that the team at Dandenong Garage Doors is fully equipped to provide. As you can clearly see, each of them is relatively conservative yet interesting enough to attract the wandering eyes of guests and neighbours. They are all optimal ways to express your personality and add value to your home.


If you would like to create your own customised garage door for your Melbourne home, look no further than Dandenong Garage Doors Melbourne . No matter what trend you are after, we are sure to have something to suit. Contact us any day between Monday to Friday for a free consultation and price estimate on your next project.