Servicing Tips for Your Garage Door

The team of experts at Dandenong Garage Doors would like to remind our valued customers of the importance of servicing your garage doors, to keep them at their optimum and ensure they last as long as they should.

There are some fast and easy to undertake tips that could dramatically change the longevity of your grage door.

Learn more below:

Tips for Roller Doors:

  1. Always keep the tracks clean and free from oil, grease and dirt
  2. If you would like to lubricate the tracks once they have been well cleaned, apply silicon spray ONLY
  3. DO NOT USE oil or grease-based liquids or lubricants, such as WD40 or RP7)

Panelift Doors:

  1. Run a very small line of machine oil across the top of each spring, (this will work its way in over a couple of days)
  2. If your door has steel hinges, place a small amount of machine oil onto each hinge point, (but not too much as it could drip onto your car)

For more helpful tips and information, contact our Garage Door specialists or visit our showroom today!