Protect Your Garage Door From Getting Hacked: 5 Important Tips

Hacking is a real thing, but have you ever wondered whether your garage door could be at risk? As a vulnerable point in your home, you can enter your home via the garage door; either when you’re located right next to an open garage door or by simply pressing your garage door remote controls.

As garage door technology improves, so are the hacking skills of those who desperately have a need to enter your home. Thus, in order to protect your garage door from getting hacked, implement the following important tips for a hack-free garage door system.

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1. Change the code once a year.

As with any security password, it’s important to change the code on your external keypad (if you’re using one) at least once a year. Since most homeowners use their garage as the main entrance, you need to ensure that your garage door security is advanced enough to deter hackers.

2. Never reveal your 4-digit access code.

If you’re using an external keypad, always keep the 4-digit access code secure. Never reveal it to anyone who doesn’t need to know it or write it down for anyone to see. Not only can this place your possessions in a position of being stolen, it also endangers your life.

3. Opt for SECURITY+ or Rolling Code technology.

Always search for the words ‘SECURITY+’ or ‘Rolling Code’ on your remote transmitter. This means that after every single use of your garage door remote control, the code changes – allowing a trillion possible code options.

4. Consider the MyQ technology Security+2.0 option.

What better way, in some cases, to up your home’s security than by utilising your smartphone. The MyQ technology Security+2.0 option enables you to open the garage door with your smartphone – completely eliminating the need for a garage door remote control.

5. Never leave the remote control in your vehicle.

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to never leave your garage door remote control in your vehicle. It may not enable a hacker to gain access via hacking, but it does leave the potential of having the remote control stolen. Always take it with you when you exit the vehicle.

Bonus tip: Carefully sync the remote control.

The last thing you want is installing a brand new garage motor or garage door remote controls with the intention of adding extra layers of security to your home, only to find yourself victimised by a hacker. Thus, when syncing the garage door remote controls, keep the following steps in mind whilst performing the task in the privacy of your garage with the door closed.

Step 1: Press the door code button.

The button will clearly indicate ‘door code’ in order to start the first step syncing your garage door remote controls. Press this button whilst performing step two.

Step 2: Press the transmitter twice.

On the remote control, press the transmitter button twice whilst pressing the door code button. This will sync the garage door and remote control in order to operate your garage door successfully.

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