Roller doors

Roller Doors are the most popular style of garage doors, with their convenience, easy use, and great looks; it’s easy to see why!

Here at Dandenong Garage Doors, we have an extensive range of roller doors available including doors to suit single openings, Series I / SA and double openings, Series II / SAA. If you need more strength or an oversized door, we can supply a Series II Heavy Gauge / Wideline.

Looking for a custom designed roller door or specific colour? We can help! We have the capabilities to manufacture roller doors to any specification, and our colour chart can help you match the right garage door colour to your home. (Note: colours vary to brochure)

We will work with you every step of the way from design to customisation and installation, to find the right roller door for your home and style!

Browse our gallery of roller doors below to see our range of completed projects.

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