Tilt Panel Lift Garage Doors

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Tilt doors are garage door frames that can be clad to a variety of forms and layouts to meet any specification and budget.

They are the most adaptable of all the products we offer at Dandenong Garage Doors. They are highly customisable making Tilt Doors a suitable option for both standard and high-level design projects.


The Tilt Door Design Process

Many of our past clients have preferred to match their door’s flush with their building’s façade so that when the door is in a closed position, it blends in with its surroundings. This is achieved by installing a frame only, which is designed to pair with the nominated cladding. Then, the builder or homeowner will clad the door and the wall surrounding it to achieve a beautiful, seamless look.

We are able to apply a range of claddings to your door, including colorbond sheeting as a standard option, or western red cedar wood as a premium design options. We can even manufacture specialised tilt doors equipped with a counterweight to balance heavy cladding.

Features of Our Panel Lift Tilt Doors

All panel lift tilt doors that we design can be motorized. We have options that feature standard spring hinges, which are capable of carrying up to 175kg, including the frame. Our stronger, counterweight styles of door can carry approximately 250kg. Our tilt doors are generally mounted onto steel jambs to allow for a highly secure installation. These jambs are 100mm wide for spring tilts and approx. 200mm for counterweight style of doors.

Personal Service Every Step of the Way

When you choose us as your Melbourne garage door provider, we will work with you to find just the right cladding to suit your garage door design requirements and budget! We guarantee to spend time understanding your needs, and recommend the best tilt door colour and style to match your house. Whether you are after a customised tilt door or one of our standard options, we have effective options available for you.


Browse our gallery of panel lift tilt doors below to see our broad range of work and download our colour chart, to see our full range of options available and ensure that you get a perfect match.

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