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Give your home a stylish finish with a sectional garage door that is sure to stand the test of time.

Sectional garage doors are made of multiple panels that slide up when opened. They have become an extremely common and well-loved style of garage door in recent years, thanks to their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

At Dandenong Garage Doors, we offer sectional garage doors in Melbourne in a variety of different designs, styles and colours, from our colorbond range to timber-style doors to varieties with powder coat or metallic finishes. We even create and install bespoke garage doors for those needing something more specific to suit their home.

You can download our colour chart, to see our full range of options available and ensure that your garage door matches your home design. (Note: colours vary to brochure).


Benefits of Sectional Doors

One benefit of sectional doors is that they can be fitted into areas with minimal headroom space. (This is the room between the lintel and the lowest part of the ceiling). While roller doors can require up to 500mm of headroom space, sectional doors only requires around 250mm, making them an ideal option for homeowners with limited room.

An additional advantage of sectional doors is that, unlike one-piece tilt doors, they do not swing forward into the driveway. This means that you can park your car right up against your garage door without worrying about it getting damaged by a door that opens up into it.

Our commercial sectional doors can motorized with high-cycle motors. This enables them to be operated by on-site systems (like the fire system), which would open the door and leave it open in the event of an emergency. It would only shut once being reset, allowing all tenants to exit as needed.

Made-to-Order Options

The sectional doors that we design at Dandenong Garage Doors come in eight standard patterns. with the option of a smooth or textured finish. That being said, we also offer more extensive additions for those after a truly unique garage door.

All of our doors are able to be manufactured with custom features for a fully personalised garage door. A popular customisation we offer is cladding the face of the door with any sort of material including timber, aluminium composite, glass, or even more commercial applications such as perforated claddings (which allow ventilation for airflow). We can also add window highlights to many of our door patterns, which allow for natural light and enhance the overall design appeal.

Have a custom sectional door design in mind? We can work with you to manufacture a sectional garage door exactly suited to your design and size specifications for your property! From design to delivery and installation in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, we will work with you to provide the best garage door solution.

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