5 Garage Door Styles You Should Consider In 2018

When it comes to choosing the perfect garage door style to suit your overall needs, it’s important to know exactly which materials you’re after and how you want the outcome to look like. It’s important that you’re able to find exactly what it is that you’re looking for without having to search high and low for it.

Thus, at Dandenong Garage Doors, we’re able to provide our customers with a wide variety of garage doors styles you should consider in 2018 – ensuring that you’re able to stick with the times whilst finding practicality and style.

Remember to keep these styles in mind the next time you’re in the market for the perfect garage door:

1. Roller garage doors.

As traditional as garage doors may be roller garage doors have been around for many years and will remain a contender for newer products on the market. Not only are you able to save space, you’re also able to choose from a wide variety of colours. Available to suit single openings, Series I / SA and double openings, Series II / SAA, you’re bound to find the exact roller garage door to suit your needs.

Watch: Automatic Roller Garage Door Demonstration.

2. Sectional garage doors.

Made from multiple colourbond or timber effect sheeting panels which lift up when opening your garage door, sectional garage doors add a little bit of style and sophistication to your home. Offering seven standard patterns to suit your style needs, you also have the option of adding windows for a custom look.

Watch: Automatic Sectional Garage Door Demonstration.

3. Tilt garage doors.

If too much movement is simply out of the question, adding tilt garage doors for a more unified look is the way to go. “We apply a range of claddings including colourbond sheeting as a standard option, or western red cedar wood as a higher level design options. For heavier specialised claddings, a counterweight and tilt door can be designed and manufactured allowing for even greater scope of individuality.”

Watch: Automatic Tilt Garage Door Demonstration.

4. Timber sectional garage doors.

If you’re more into the natural look wanting to blend in with your surroundings, choosing timber sectional garage doors will be the most suitable option. Made from timber cladding in a wide variety of sizes, you don’t have to look far for the wooden effect. As one of the garage door styles you should consider in 2018, timber sectional garage doors will set your home apart without looking out of place in a natural environment.

5. Custom garage doors.

You simply can’t be more distinctive than by choosing a custom made garage door to suit your exact specifications and needs. “From design to delivery and installation, we work with you to provide the best garage door solution!” Browse our cutting-edge custom designs here. Remember, nothing screams unique more than a custom garage door.

Choosing from the most popular garage door styles may not be as easy as you think, but it’s definitely worth the outcome once you’re able to fulfil your exact needs. Regardless of which design or style you choose, being happy with the end result is all that matters.

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